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Energy and Water. The mere mention of those words ignites intense passion and even conflict around the world. That is especially true in the western portions of North America where an abundance of energy potential and ever-scarce water resources meet daily with population growth, pressure on wildlife habitat and the realities of climate change.


The Colorado Energy & Water Institute (CEWI) was founded in 2017 to bring together senior policy, industry, nonprofit and academic leaders to advance substantive dialogue about our energy and water future.


Joe Milczewski

CEWI Director and Director of Government Relations at Occidental Petroleum

Brian Murray

CEWI Director and Director of the Duke University Energy Initiative

Activities_Nordic (Cross-Country) Skiing

Ryan Smith

CEWI Director and Managing Director at Zoma Capital

Dahvi Wilson

CEWI Director and Vice President of Public Affairs at Apex Clean Energy

Larry Holdren

Founder and Executive Director


Gena Buhler

Founder and Director of Operations

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